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EalSuite Introduction

Gain resilience and agility and position yourself for growth. EalSuite Business gives you the power to adapt business models and processes quickly so you can reduce costs, sharpen forecasts, and innovate more. Easily see the complete picture of your company’s finances and operations. EalSuite Business suite offers the broadest and most seamless functionality across finance, HR, supply chain, and customer experience. We invest continuously in R&D, updating our cloud every 30 days so you always have the latest capabilities to adapt to changing conditions. Pervasive AI and machine learning help you identify anomalies, predict possible outcomes, and make recommendations.

Getting Started

Benefits of EalSuite Business

  • Act on better insights Get a complete financial picture of where your company stands across all lines of business. Model scenarios to understand your options and choose the best direction. Quickly adjust plans and forecasts to changing conditions.

  • Increase agility Optimize revenue and cash flow to ensure continuous operations. Reduce the risk associated with single sourcing and create a flexible, resilient supply chain that can handle whatever comes next.

  • Collaborate more effectively Give your finance, HR, and supply chain teams a common user experience with shared data and business processes. Work together more effectively with mobile and remote access.

  • Innovate faster Get immediate value out of the box, with built-in AI, machine learning, and emerging technologies. Take advantage of ERP that is always up to date with the latest capabilities.

  • Automate more Spend less time on repetitive tasks such as submitting expenses, reconciling spreadsheets, or closing the books, and more time making strategic decisions.

Module Documentation

We have the below modules production ready and battle tested using by many of our incredible customers.

ModulesAvailabilityDocs PreparedDoc Link
AccountsPublicComing Soon!
Purchase OrderPublicDraft
ReportsPublicYet to Publish
Roles ManagementPublicYet to Publish
Instant Alert and NotificationPublicYet to Publish
Advanced Inventory ManagementPublicYet to Publish
Product & ServicesPublicYet to Publish
Item LockingPublicYet to Publish
CataloguePublicYet to Publish
ApprovalsPublicYet to Publish
DocumentsPublicYet to Publish
CataloguePublicYet to Publish
Audit LogsPublicYet to Publish
Visualize BusinessPublicYet to Publish
Product ManufacturingPublicYet to Publish
Multi-warehouse managementPublicYet to Publish
Lead ManagementPublicYet to Publish
Project ManagementPublicYet to Publish
Document ManagementPublicYet to Publish
Quotation ProcessingPublicYet to Publish
Client PortalPublicYet to Publish
Centralized AdministrationPublicYet to Publish
Appointment HandlingPublicYet to Publish
CataloguePublicYet to Publish


Migration Docs

We have the below modules production ready and battle tested using by many of our incredible customers.

PlatformsAvailabilityDocs PreparedDoc Link
TallyPrivateMember Only Access
ZohoPrivateMember Only Access
QuickbooksPrivateMember Only Access
XeroPrivateMember Only Access
FresaPrivateMember Only Access
PeachTreePrivateMember Only Access
FreshBooksPrivateMember Only Access

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